Russian “Aerocar”


Alexander Begak, a Russian inventor unveiled his most recent creation earlier this week. “Evolution”, according to Alexander is the ultimate machine that can operate on land, sea and air. Alexander believes that the car would be great for hunting, given that it’s flying speed can set as low as 15 kilometers per hour. [Aerocar_2] During a recent test flight, with Alexander doubling up as the pilot, the Evolution didn’t quite live up to it’s expectations as the “ultimate” machine – got blown over by a slight gust of wind! It did finally fly; with a parachute attached to it’s back. Whether the ultimate machine can “swim” has not been tested yet. Alexander is however not deterred – He wants to give the first prototype (model) to Russian President, Vladimir Putin as a gift, and hopes that the President will be impressed enough to give ‘Evolution’ a great endorsement.

Enjoy the entertaining video of “Evolution’s” first flight.

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