Mirror Reflections



It seems everyday I learn something new about blogging, what it truly is, why I do it, and the audience that I reach. Several months ago I was researching an article when I stumbled across a picture that very closely resembled a similar one I had seen depicting a Russian landscape. I was so enthralled to have found something that I felt brought common ground between Russia and this country. I realized that I could do this for each country where a person had come from and visited my blog. Mirror Reflections was born! As new individuals came and learned a little about Russia, I thought not only would I visit their blog, I would create something that said, “Thank you” for coming by and visiting. I’ve not only have learned about the country I now live in but about the countries of those who visit my blog. I love finding what is similar, or maybe not so similar but might provoke one to think possibly a little differently about Russia or even their own country. We truly are all connected, no pun intended. I’ve learned so much from each of you while visiting your blogs. Then I began to realize, that not only could I share a reflection, and could also create connections from my blog to another blog by sharing a small part of theirs into the reflection. If someone finds something of interest they can click the link and move to the blog that I might have just promoted. It kinda keeps things in-house so to speak. I understand the value of increased traffic through outside sources are important but why not link ourselves together in a whole new way. Just a thought! If it’s something you see the value in create a Reflections page, start posting reflections and connecting to those of common interest. Thanks for stopping by and giving it a thought.

If you have stopped by and visited this page, leave a bit of information about a post that you think represents your country’s culture, geography, people, food, poetry, etc.. Even give an idea what part of the country you are from so we can collaborate on a “Mirror Reflection” let’s see how this all evolves and where it goes. Let’s call them “blogcards”. It could be interesting and fun at the same time.

Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies
Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies


Tanzania & Russia

Senegal & Russia

Madagascar & Russia

Uganda & Russia

Ghana & Russia

South Africa & Russia

Nigeria & Russia

Lesotho & Russia

Morocco & Russia

Cameroon & Russia

Djibouti & Russia

Nambia & Russia

Congo & Russia

Angola & Russia

Niger & Russia

Kenya & Russia

Rwanda & Russia

Egypt & Russia

Malawi & Russia

Sierra Leone & Russia

Togo & Russia

Benin & Russia

Cape Verde & Russia

Reunion Island & Russia

Zambia & Russia

São Tomé and Príncipe & Russia

Somalia & Russia

Liberia & Russia

Asia & Indian Ocean

Pakistan & Russia

Japan & Russia

Cambodia & Russia

India & Russia

Hong Kong & Russia

Vietnam & Russia

Philippines & Russia

Taiwan & Russia

Afghanistan & Russia

Thailand & Russia

Bangladesh & Russia

Maldives & Russia

South Korea & Russia

Singapore & Russia

Mauritius & Russia

Mongolia & Russia

Macau & Russia

Tajikistan & Russia

Sri Lanka & Russia

India & Russia

Seychelles Islands & Russia

Central America & Caribbean 

Belize & Russia

Grenada & Russia

Panama & Russia

Aruba & Russia

Guatemala & Russia

Mexico & Russia

Guadeloupe and Russia

Nicaragua & Russia

Barbados & Russia

Dominican Republic & Russia

Saint Kitts and Nevis Islands & Russia


Great Britain & Russia 

Germany & Russia

Poland & Russia

Ireland & Russia

France & Russia

Serbia & Russia

Belgium & Russia

Hungary & Russia

Spain & Russia

Netherlands & Russia

Estonia & Russia

Greece & Russia

Romania & Russia

Iceland & Russia

Norway & Russia

Portugal & Russia

Albania & Russia

Finland & Russia

Macedonia & Russia

Slovenia & Russia

Turkey & Russia

Luxembourg & Russia

Malta & Russia

Slovakia & Russia

Sweden & Russia

Italy & Russia

Bulgaria & Russia

Latvia & Russia

Austria & Russia

Croatia & Russia

Lithuania & Russia

Switzerland & Russia

Bosnia – Herzegovina & Russia

Faroe Island & Russia

Armenia & Russia

Aland Islands & Russia

Bailiwick of Gurnsey & Russia

Bailiwick of Jersey & Russia

Montenegro & Russia

Moldova & Russia

Georgia & Russia

Belarus & Russia

Ukraine & Russia

Gibraltar & Russia

Middle East

Iran & Russia

Saudi Arabia & Russia

Oman & Russia

Qatar & Russia

Jordan & Russia

Lebanon & Russia

Iraq & Russia

Israel & Russia

Azerbaijan & Russia

North America

Canada & Russia

United States & Russia

South America

Uruguay & Russia

Columbia & Russia

Chile & Russia

Brazil & Russia

Ecuador & Russia

Venezuela & Russia

Argentina & Russia

Peru & Russia

French Guiana & Russia

Suriname & Russia

South East Asia

West Java/Indonesia & Russia

Laos & Russia

Guam & Russia

North Mariana Island & Russia

Papua/New Guinea & Russia

South Pacific

Australia & Russia

New Zealand & Russia

Solomon Islands & Russia

Kiribati Islands & Russia

New Caledonia & Russia

Federal States of Micronesia & Russia

Tonga & Russia

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