Mirror Reflections – Togo & Russia

When I started this particular post I had the thought it would be interesting to talk about the open markets of different countries. But that changed! It’s more about everyday life, the headaches, pains, sufferings, and everything else. It’s about one man’s family journey in Africa and another gal’s fascinating story about being in Russia … More Mirror Reflections – Togo & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Cote d’ Ivoire & Russia

Life in Cote d’ Ivoire UTZ Certified is one of the largest sustainability programs and labels for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea. Companies from all over the world that are buying increasing amounts of coffee, cocoa and tea with the UTZ Certified label, enable us to contribute to the fulfilment of the ambitions … More Mirror Reflections – Cote d’ Ivoire & Russia

Mirror Reflection – Tanzania & Russia

Life in Tanzania   Karibu sana! This blog describes the adventures of some Aussies volunteering at the Kigamboni Community Centre in Tanzania. The Centre is run entirely by (mostly local) volunteers who offer all kinds of learning and talent development opportunities to over 300 disadvantaged children. These include academic classes, English, acrobatics, dance, handcrafts, sport, and much more. For more information, check out … More Mirror Reflection – Tanzania & Russia

Big Cats Disappearing in Russia along with other species

Russian Desman AT KLYAZMA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, 120 miles east of Moscow, two rangers carefully draw an illegal fishing net from a floodplain lake into their small boat. Fish squirm in the contraption. Nearly half the net is in the boat when they notice a small, bedraggled animal with a long nose and scaly tail entangled … More Big Cats Disappearing in Russia along with other species

Mirror Reflection – Uganda & Russia

Ugandan Leopards Animal protection groups in Uganda have become increasingly worried about the growth of illegal poaching of leopards recently. Two leopards were killed by poachers within one month, which is an usual phenomenon, said Uganda Wildlife Education Center. Henry Kayondo, a breeder at Uganda Wildlife Education Center, found the second dead leopard. He said … More Mirror Reflection – Uganda & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Madagascar & Russia

Global importance of Madagascar‘s Lemurs According to Russell Mittermeier in The Eighth Continent although Madagascar is only one of 92 countries with wild primates populations, it is alone responsible for 21 percent (14 of 65) of all primate genera and 36 percent (5 of 14) of all primate families, making it the single highest priority … More Mirror Reflections – Madagascar & Russia

Africa in Portland

Without every setting foot in Africa the wife and I got to encounter one of my dreams, in full color I got to see Cheetahs, wild dogs, not so African Elephants (the ears are a dead give away), zebras, and giraffes. As I stood and took these pictures I could imagine myself in the middle … More Africa in Portland