Mirror Reflections – El Salvador & Russia

Some interesting Comparisons Some times when you look hard you can find the most interesting similarities, volcanoes are no exception. El Salvador and Russia share this in common. El Salvador has 20 volcanoes compared to Kamchatka’s 160. Comparatively this is significant when we look at the differences in the total landmass between the two. El … More Mirror Reflections – El Salvador & Russia

A Blogger’s Life “Saved” by Great Portland Web Design Company

  So the other day I decided to clean my computer, I performed all the things I needed to do feeling great that my computer should be running at top performance. Then with my new found energy I thought I’ll do a new post to my blog.  But, typing and clicking, and again doing the … More A Blogger’s Life “Saved” by Great Portland Web Design Company

The Speed of Love

When I saw this couple walking towards the beach coupled with the posted  sign  I was imagining this was posted as “The Speed of Love. What I wasn’t prepared for was the shadow effect I got with this picture. Them walking hand in hand, to what looks like the open ocean and the fog beyond … More The Speed of Love

Astoria, Oregon

I was traveling down the highway that runs along the north side of the Columbia river when this boat caught my eye, it begged me to turn around and capture it before it capsized.  

Africa in Portland

Without every setting foot in Africa the wife and I got to encounter one of my dreams, in full color I got to see Cheetahs, wild dogs, not so African Elephants (the ears are a dead give away), zebras, and giraffes. As I stood and took these pictures I could imagine myself in the middle … More Africa in Portland