Learn to Read Russian in 15 Minutes

So here’s a really simple and interesting breakdown of the Russian alphabet from writer Peter Starr Northrop and cartoonist Ryan Estrada. Take a few minutes of your time and before you know it you’ll be confidently sounding out Russian words. It may be one of the hardest languages to learn but these practical tips here will be the … More Learn to Read Russian in 15 Minutes

Some misconceptions about Russia and Russians.

10. All Russians are communists. Russia had a communist government when it became part of the Soviet Union in 1922.  But it wasn’t a communist state before that and it hasn’t been since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.  In fact, the Russian government was occasionally criticized in the 1990s for having too few regulations … More Some misconceptions about Russia and Russians.

More Russian – Let’s get Introductions and Questions out of the way

  I’m smart, funny, kind, handsome, successful – Ja umnyi, smeshnoi, dobryj, simpatichnyj, uspeshnyj (ja oo’mnyi, smeshno’i, do’bryi, simpatee’chnyi, uspe’shnyi; [you can add/remove adjectives after ‘Ja’ to better fit your profile/character when introducing yourself.] Self introduction in Russian, questions My name is John – Menja zovut Dzhon (mjenja’ zovu’t John); What is your name? – … More More Russian – Let’s get Introductions and Questions out of the way

Yes, No, But, Okay, Of Course in Russian, plus a bit of humor

Я думал только бабушки сделали это I thought only Grandmas did this   Basic words and phrases YES – DA (da); Not/No – Net (nie’t); OK – Horosho (horosho’); And (preposition) – i (ee, more like in meet); But – No (no’h, not like in English word “No”, but like in nob); Of course – … More Yes, No, But, Okay, Of Course in Russian, plus a bit of humor

Okay, okay I’ll share a little Russian with you – And a bit of Humor too!

Бабушка нуждается в поездке Grandma needs a ride   Russian salutations and saying bye Hi – Privet (prieve’t); Hello – Zdravstvuite (zdra’stvujte); Good morning – Dobroe utro (Do’braje ootra); Good afternoon – Dobryj den’ (do’brij den’) [Good afternoon among Russians are more used than among Americans, so don’t neglect using this phrase.] How are you? … More Okay, okay I’ll share a little Russian with you – And a bit of Humor too!

Mirror Reflections – Tunisia & Russia

Life In Tunisia Few countries have been transformed in the past 18 months as much as Tunisia. TEARN (Tunisian Education And Resource Network), under the guidance of president and Global Education Conference keynoter Héla Nafti, has also transformed itself, becoming one of the first post-revolution education NGOs in the country. A pioneer of K-12 online … More Mirror Reflections – Tunisia & Russia

“Sorry” there are no plastic smiles in Russia

We Have Our Reasons Foreigners are constantly told that Russians are surprisingly, “unsmiling people”. They write about it in their blogs and guidebooks , ask about it in person , share it with their friends and acquaintances . Indeed, we smile much less of other nationalities , but as it turns out , we have … More “Sorry” there are no plastic smiles in Russia

Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

“Somebody”, told me that bears don’t roam the streets of Russia. Guess what………………….. I found one. See, look nobody is even paying attention, must be commonplace. Now I have Living proof. Okay, okay conquered that one, next thing I do……….. is find a “Yeti“. Stay tuned! Visit: https://hague6185.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/picture-of-the-day-oct-10/ Related articles From Russia with Love – … More Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

Picture of the Day

The Temple of All Religions near Kazan, Russia. For the first time, Russian sociologists have compiled an atlas of Russia’s religions. Given the current debate on relations between the church, state and society, this atlas offers a timely and valuable look into the nature of Russian worship. Visit: http://www.kirbyholmes.me/2012/09/05/mapping-russias-religious-landscape/ Visit: https://hague6185.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/picture-of-the-day-sept-18/  

Savory Spicy Sweet: Siberian Pelmeni

History of Pelmeni: Most historians agree that русские пельмени (Russian pelmeni) originated in Siberia and were probably named by the коми, коренной народностью Урала (Komi, a people indigenous to the Urals). In the Komi language, “pelnyan” means “bread-ear,” a reference to the food’s ear-like shape. When the word crossed into Russian, it changed a bit … More Savory Spicy Sweet: Siberian Pelmeni

Mirror Reflections – Vietnam & Russia

Vietnamese life is profoundly influenced by ancestor worship. Children learn at a very early age that they owe everything to their parents and their ancestors. Doing well in school and working hard honours one’s parents and the family name. Respect for parents and ancestors is extended to all elders, whose life experiences are valued. Marriage … More Mirror Reflections – Vietnam & Russia

The Story of Babushka

Once in a small Russian town, there lived a women called Babushka. Babushka always had work to do sweeping, polishing, dusting and cleaning. Her house was the best kept, most tidy house in the whole village. Her garden was beautiful and her cooking was wonderful. One evening she was busy dusting and cleaning, so busy … More The Story of Babushka

Russian Cotletas

Russian cotleta is not to be confused with American cutlet. Cotleta (french cotelette) is one of Russian traditional and very much loved dishes made of ground meat. It came to Russia from Europe and initially was a deep-fried slice of meat with rib bone, but later became a ground and spiced  meat patty, coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried. Since the 19th … More Russian Cotletas

The Bridge

In our world we all hail from being from somewhere, some of us call ourselves Americans, Russians, or even maybe elsewhere. Even though I was born in America I’m not sure I can call myself an American. One could claim that I’m now a Russian since I currently reside in Russia. But in the reality … More The Bridge