Mosque Downtown Kazan

Mosque Downtown Kazan Thought it would be fun to show some of the Mosques and Churches of Kazan, It’s amazing how different each one of them are from each other. I don’t know the names of them right now, but as I find them I will update each post, Enjoy.

The Leaning Suyumbike Tower

The Leaning Suyumbike Tower  Suyumbike Tower is one of Kazan‘s most recognized buildings, it is an ancient structure that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. In one Tatar legend I read about how Ivan IV made a proposal to Suyumbike through his Ambassadors to be his wife. It was because Suyumbike refused, the Russian Tsar became … More The Leaning Suyumbike Tower

The Mill

This is a reconstructed mill with in the Museum of Bread complex. The structures themselves reminded me of cabins that are built in different parts of the States.

Kazan, Russia

He sat among the rest of the vendors with his flowers, they where all he had to sell, he sat not with a cup in his hand but with love on a stem. Each passerby would look but none would partake, his eyes deceived him, his sadness was revealed. Is love deserved even when it’s … More Kazan, Russia

Kazan, Russia

Just around the corner and down the street we have an open market. I remember watching movies where people would be walking through an open market and would be dreaming about doing this myself. Well it’s no longer a dream but reality.