Russian Crow Snowboarding

This hooded crow is having a ball snowboarding on a roof. I knew this critters were smart but how did this bird figure this out? I’ve seen the behavior of crows in the states which amazed me, but this is the first time I’ve since something like this here. I found a great article that … More Russian Crow Snowboarding

Ancient Architecture of Russia – Spassky Cave Church

On the banks of the Don River, in the picturesque Voronezh region of Russia lies one of the most fascinating tourist attractions this country has to offer – the Spassky Cave Church. It’s believed the first caves were dug into the cretaceous mounts of Kostomarovo before the adoption of Christianity in Russia. Hermit monks would … More Ancient Architecture of Russia – Spassky Cave Church

Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

“Somebody”, told me that bears don’t roam the streets of Russia. Guess what………………….. I found one. See, look nobody is even paying attention, must be commonplace. Now I have Living proof. Okay, okay conquered that one, next thing I do……….. is find a “Yeti“. Stay tuned! Visit: Related articles From Russia with Love – … More Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

From Russia with Love – Amazing Act of Kindness

The remarkable footage and pictures of this rescue show the act of kindness by the people on board a helicopter. They happened to be flying over the Siberian taiga in Khanty-Mansiisk region when the moose was spotted. They recognized that the moose was trapped after falling through the ice and upon taking a closer look … More From Russia with Love – Amazing Act of Kindness

The Black Chamber

According legend, The Black House was the court building. The decisions of  the court were carried out by the Khan at the time along with three judges. The Khan always entered the building from the west and the others entered through their own special doors.  However, there is another thought about the  function of the … More The Black Chamber

The Speed of Love

When I saw this couple walking towards the beach coupled with the posted  sign  I was imagining this was posted as “The Speed of Love. What I wasn’t prepared for was the shadow effect I got with this picture. Them walking hand in hand, to what looks like the open ocean and the fog beyond … More The Speed of Love

The Bridge

In our world we all hail from being from somewhere, some of us call ourselves Americans, Russians, or even maybe elsewhere. Even though I was born in America I’m not sure I can call myself an American. One could claim that I’m now a Russian since I currently reside in Russia. But in the reality … More The Bridge