Russian Cuisine

So it happened, I was finally asked the question!

What question is that you might ask?

Well I can share about all kinds of things about Russia,

its culture, its mysteries, its history, quotes and the list goes on.

So what is it? Food, that’s the answer.


What do we eat here in Russia.

What kind of eating habits do we have.

What don’t we eat and why?

Here in this post I will talk about the general habits except for one.


There is one common element across the board with

most Russians that I’ve met here.

If they see this in your hand it’s worse than seeing a cigarette.

It’s frowned upon by friends, neighbors, my students,

and people even walking down the street.


The average Russian will tell you it’s poison.

I’ve got to say this was hard for me being the average

American who grew up with this.

We heard about it on TV, we saw it on billboards,

famous people in the movies had these in their hands and


nobody ever thought a second thought about it.

It had become a staple in our diets.

We fell in love with this product young and old,

it just didn’t seem to matter.

So what is it? Have you guessed?

If you guessed milk you are wrong.


But if you guessed…………………..


Warning: Please read labeling – this product may cause your health insurance costs to rise.

Drink at your own risk.

13 thoughts on “Russian Cuisine

  1. I was thinking you would write about your life for borsch and your hate of kholodets! That was one thing my husband consistently hates while we were living in Russia! Well, that and salted fish and the salad with herring, beets and mayonnaise. Do you have more posts about food in Russia?

    1. You got it right on with borsch, but believe it or not I like kholodets. Even now I can see your husband cringing thinking this guy is crazy. Yes it true! But it’s just colored jello with meat, da? Salted fish is another matter all together, we can’t be in the same room together. My opinion on the smell is only “Hell” is worse. But when it’s in herring under fur and the smell is masked, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Go figure! I only have a few posts about food, but I am looking for a contributor, are you interested? Would love to have you as a guest blogger if you are game.

      1. I`m totally game! I could even interview my husband – he lived in Russia for 6 years. I think food is one of the most important cultural aspects of a country – and it’s so fun to try and to talk about!

      2. Okay, let me know when you are ready to post. Remember to include pictures as well. Currently “Life in Russia” has well over a 1000 followers, and is visited almost 10,000 times a month. It will be great exposure, think you will get a lot of traffic.

      3. Would you like me to focus on Russia? I was actually thinking about posting something along the lines of ’10 things I miss about Russia (and 5 I don’t)’ for a while now.

      4. If you scroll down on my blog, you will find my about me link, click on my name. It will take you to a landing page were you can e-mail me from. Once you’ve done that I can give you my private e-mail address.

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