Russian Women War Heroes

1. Natalia Peshkova Natalia Peshkova was drafted into the Russian Army straight out of high school at age 17. She was trained with weapons that didn’t work and then sent off with a unit so woefully equipped that at one time a horse ate her felt boot as she slept, forcing her to make do … More Russian Women War Heroes

Account of Russian Kaptar in Caucasus Mountains

1925 – Russia’s Caucasus Pamir Range, the Vanch Mountains In the surroundings of the little known Caucasus Pamir range during the year of 1925. The Red Army was  relentless pursuing  the White Russian Army which had been earlier that year ousted from Russia. While they had searched for them in the rugged terrain they heard … More Account of Russian Kaptar in Caucasus Mountains

Mirror Reflections – Nicaragua & Russia

Sumo People of Nicaragua Nicaragua It is a Spanish-speaking country. Ninety five percent of the people speak Spanish, and the other five percent is indigenous languages including Miskito, Sumo, Rama, Garifuna, and Creole. Their address system is very unique. The do not use any street names to get around. Instead they use reference points and … More Mirror Reflections – Nicaragua & Russia

Lighthouses of Russia

Mys Aniva, Sakhalin, Russia This lighthouse was built under extremely difficult conditions on what was once a jagged rock just off the southeastern-most cape of Sakhalin island. The Mys Aniva lighthouse is over three quarters of a century old and has seen a lot of history during its lifespan. Late 1930s when Sakhalin was divided … More Lighthouses of Russia

Mirror Reflections – Guatemala & Russia

LIfe in Guatemala This is a very special expat who works with the communities she’s in, please visit her blog and support her. Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development non-profit. Since 2004, Global Brigades has mobilized thousands of university students and professionals through nine skill-based service programs to improve quality of … More Mirror Reflections – Guatemala & Russia

Russian Twin Pyramids?

The Russian city of Vladivostok harboured the main naval base of the Soviet Pacific Fleet, which meant that the city was closed to foreigners during the Soviet years. Its military status meant that it was an ideal location for the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks in November 1974 between Leonid Brezhnev and Gerald Ford, one of … More Russian Twin Pyramids?

1950’s Secret Bunker for Russia’s Military Elite – “Open to the Public”

Between the Moscow and Yauza rivers on one of Moscow’s seven hills lies one more cold war bunker. The area has an old town feel, the streets are lines with pre-revolutionary buildings, it’s a quiet neighborhood with churches and monasteries that has survived the throes of Soviet “modernization.” Many of these building were built in … More 1950’s Secret Bunker for Russia’s Military Elite – “Open to the Public”

Culture and Character of Russia Part II

State and Society The Russian Heritage Russia has a history of power centrally concentrated in the economy, culture, education, media, religion, and citizens private lives. Initiative has been stifled in the process. The Bureaucracy  In the USSR many officials considered themselves a superior species, appointed to drive the herds of human cattle.  Nepotism, friendships, or … More Culture and Character of Russia Part II

Culture and Character of Russia

Culture and Character Egalitarianism Egalitarianism is a social philosophy that advocates the removal of inequities among persons and a more equal distribution of benefits. This is rooted in the agricultural village milieu, not an invention of Communism. Peasants could not leave the mir without an internal passport, issued by their heads of household. Russians are … More Culture and Character of Russia

Roman Catholic Church in Samara – Enigmatic Message

This is my second translation that I’ve done from Russian to English. This story is very interesting not only for Russia but for everyone, especially the United States. There is a message here. An extremely important one. I’m not going to elaborate on it because I don’t believe it’s necessary. I’ve done many posts but … More Roman Catholic Church in Samara – Enigmatic Message

Underground Palaces of the Moscow Metro – Part One

Kropotkinskaya station Kropotkinskaya station was the very first station to be opened in the Moscow Metro system. Architect  A.N. Duskin  was the designer for this station, the marble used here came from the demolished Christ the Savior Cathedral, which now adorns the walls and floor. Looking at the interiors here gives more of a sense … More Underground Palaces of the Moscow Metro – Part One

Before Babylon – Gonur-Tepe Mysterious City in Turkmenistan

Deep in the heart of Turkmenistan the ancient fortress town of Gonur-Tepe has been rising out of the Kara Kum desert revealing itself to the world through excavations that have taken place for years. The first of these excavations started taking place in the late 1970’s by Soviet Archaeologist Viktor Sarianidi These finding were mostly … More Before Babylon – Gonur-Tepe Mysterious City in Turkmenistan