A Reason to visit Russia

A Reason to visit Russia

Started as a result of knowing that there are many beautiful reasons to visit this wonderfully immense country.

Moscow – A Whole Other World

A lot of things could be said about Moscow – that it’s the largest city in Russia, 12 million to be exact. Large enough to be it’s own country. Most people who live outside of Moscow say it’s another world all together.

It has the same population of Norway and Switzerland combined. Or Portugal and Estonia. Or Finland and Denmark, it’s just damn big. This grand city also boasts the largest number of billionaires in the world (84 and counting).

In 1904 a tornado touched down (unusual event for Russia) and destroyed several villages were Moscow is today. It destroyed trees that were hundreds of years old in the Sokolniki area.

The largest library in all of Europe is in Moscow with over 43 million objects like maps, sheet music, sound recordings, rare books, dissertations, newspapers and the list goes on.

But my favorite thing is the fact when you’re on the Metro heading toward the city center you will hear a male voice announcing the stations in Moscow Metro, and a female voice when leaving the city center. And then again, male voice when moving in a clockwise direction, and female when against it. Pretty Cool, да?

I will leave with a couple of photos and posts I’ve done on Moscow to visit as well here, here, and here.


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