And the answer is……….”Cyprus”!

Cyprus, the island of “Love” Walk with me while I explore the “Island of Love” Let me show you around this land of beauty It’s history, it’s culture, and it’s friendly people You will find this place “hands up” I think you will enjoy it as much as I am. By the way, one of … More And the answer is……….”Cyprus”!

Top 10 Russian Inventions that helped change the world

Contributions by Russian Inventors The development of global scientific thought has been influenced by Russian inventors who have greatly contributed much to the world. Some of these inventions have literally transformed the world, some of them are debatable about who where the real inventors. What is known is all of us that we have been … More Top 10 Russian Inventions that helped change the world

Great Patriotic War Memorial in Victory Park, Kazan

    Victory Park   Victory Memorial Park is located in the center of  the city of Kazan within the Novo-Savinovinovskogo district, it can be found at the  intersection of Prospect and Bondarenko Yamasheva Husain. This park is a memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War and is of great national importance. The … More Great Patriotic War Memorial in Victory Park, Kazan


For around twenty years this small town in the central of part Russia has been abandoned. But what would drive these people to leave their homes in large numbers so the town of Promyshlennyi would become deserted and desolate left to waste away? One can almost see the people who once lived here roaming the … More Promyshlennyi

The Mill

This is a reconstructed mill with in the Museum of Bread complex. The structures themselves reminded me of cabins that are built in different parts of the States.