Mirror Reflections – Belize & Russia

Stann Creek, Belize The ancient Maya were the first to inhabit the Stann Creek Belize district, and it is believed that they flourished in the region around the year 800 AD. Should you head a bit south of Dangriga, you’ll find the impressive Maya ruins of Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun. The Maya here made … More Mirror Reflections – Belize & Russia

The Windmill

This shot captures both the mill and windmill. I had seen several windmills in other place within Tatarstan, but this is the first I have photographed. At first I thought it a bit unusual but realized the building of these windmill could have been influenced by other cultures or maybe even the other way around. … More The Windmill

The Black Chamber

According legend, The Black House was the court building. The decisions of  the court were carried out by the Khan at the time along with three judges. The Khan always entered the building from the west and the others entered through their own special doors.  However, there is another thought about the  function of the … More The Black Chamber

The East Mausoleum (Church of St. Nicholas)

When you are standing in the area where the Congregational Mosque was once built every building could be seen from this platform, the East Mausoleum being one of them. This mausoleum contains a tomb of Bolgar nobility, crowned by a traditional Eastern tent style roof. Inside the 700 year old building is an exhibit displaying … More The East Mausoleum (Church of St. Nicholas)