Lighthouses of Russia

Mys Aniva, Sakhalin, Russia This lighthouse was built under extremely difficult conditions on what was once a jagged rock just off the southeastern-most cape of Sakhalin island. The Mys Aniva lighthouse is over three quarters of a century old and has seen a lot of history during its lifespan. Late 1930s when Sakhalin was divided … More Lighthouses of Russia

The Windmill

This shot captures both the mill and windmill. I had seen several windmills in other place within Tatarstan, but this is the first I have photographed. At first I thought it a bit unusual but realized the building of these windmill could have been influenced by other cultures or maybe even the other way around. … More The Windmill

Back to Vladimir

I thought I would step back and share with everyone our trip to Vladimir, Russia. The  town of Vladimir is situated on a high piece of ground which creates  extremely picturesque views from the left bank of the River Klyazma. This is one city where you definitely want to put on your hiking shoes, we … More Back to Vladimir