“Russian Bear” meets with “Asian Tigers”

  The four Asian Tigers along with representatives from other countries including the US, UK, China, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Philippines, Argentina, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, , Azerbaijan, India, Norway,Ireland, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, UAE and other countries meet with the Russia at the Eastern Economic Forum, which took place on September 3-5 in Vladivostok. The results of … More “Russian Bear” meets with “Asian Tigers”

Sunset in Israel

The sunset was a bright orange  over Mini Israel as we walked through the many miniature models of different sites from all over Israel. Will post a few more over the next several days. Hope everyone enjoys. Related articles A profound sense of dismay is spreading among the Israeli people that they are watching the … More Sunset in Israel

Homeless in Jerusalem

While on my trip to Israel I took many pictures, some were good, some were bad. In this photo homelessness became the center. This man just seemed to pop up out of nowhere, The look in his eyes speaks volumes.

Haifa, Israel

Thought I would share a couple of pictures of my vacation. This is Haifa which is in the Northern part of Israel. It is a beautiful city.