Top 10 “Amazing” Caves of Russia

1. Kungar Cave The Kungur Ice Cave is located in near the ancient Russian town of Kungur, and stretches under the ground for over 6 kilometres. There are several dozens of grottoes in these passages, the largest of which is known as the Friendship Grotto. 2. Krubera Cave The Krubera Cave (or the Voronya Cave, … More Top 10 “Amazing” Caves of Russia

MIrror Reflections – Chile & Russia

Marble Caves are the most famous attraction of Patagonia (Chile). This Caves attract a lot of tourists from the different corners of the globe. The labyrinths created in marble nature impress the senses. Illuminated by a sunlight penetrating some places, carved marble arches are a truly unforgettable sight. The glare of the reflected light in the … More MIrror Reflections – Chile & Russia

The Speed of Love

When I saw this couple walking towards the beach coupled with the posted  sign  I was imagining this was posted as “The Speed of Love. What I wasn’t prepared for was the shadow effect I got with this picture. Them walking hand in hand, to what looks like the open ocean and the fog beyond … More The Speed of Love