Theyyam: The divine dance from gods own country

Do you ever get a feeling when you see an amazing picture, maybe a bit of Deja vu, maybe some goosebumps for some unknown reason, that you’ve been there before or the photos you are looking at come from some other worldly place. I knew when I first saw Sreejith’s work that he has an … More Theyyam: The divine dance from gods own country

What If?

What if you went somewhere that you were not able to communicate? What if the people you were with could not understand you, how would you feel? What would you do to show how you feel? What is one thing that is absolutely universal? It’s something that everybody understands. It’s something that everybody needs. It’s … More What If?

The East Mausoleum (Church of St. Nicholas)

When you are standing in the area where the Congregational Mosque was once built every building could be seen from this platform, the East Mausoleum being one of them. This mausoleum contains a tomb of Bolgar nobility, crowned by a traditional Eastern tent style roof. Inside the 700 year old building is an exhibit displaying … More The East Mausoleum (Church of St. Nicholas)

Kazan, Russia

This is actually not a church, it’s bell tower. The church itself sits behind it. the street in front of it was become a walking street with an open air mall feel.