Mirror Reflections – Cuba and Russia

Life in Cuba Living the Dream: The Stones in Cuba “I am about to see the Rolling Stones. In my hometown. In my lifetime.” Proclaimed with equal parts conviction and awe by a Cuban I hold in certain esteem, we headed off on foot to Ciudad Deportiva. The Day had arrived. There was a spring in … More Mirror Reflections – Cuba and Russia

“Andy’s World Journeys” visits “Life in Russia”

“Andy’s World Journeys” visits “Life in Russia” So who’s your enemy and who’s your friend? Iran I suspect in many people’s minds isn’t thought of as being a travel destination but Andy who’s a world traveler found out the people there were hospitable and quite kind. I asked Andy to share his travel experiences here … More “Andy’s World Journeys” visits “Life in Russia”

“Life in Russia” Nominated for – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Recently “Life in Russia” was nominated for – Very Inspiring Blogger Award – by Patrick Jones at “The Linden Chronicles.” He has the same passion for paleo-anthropology and archaeology that I do, plus the fact we are both writers. When something like this happens I’m always thankful but realize the inspiration I receive comes not … More “Life in Russia” Nominated for – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Russian Cotletas

Russian cotleta is not to be confused with American cutlet. Cotleta (french cotelette) is one of Russian traditional and very much loved dishes made of ground meat. It came to Russia from Europe and initially was a deep-fried slice of meat with rib bone, but later became a ground and spiced  meat patty, coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried. Since the 19th … More Russian Cotletas