I still remember finding Maverickbird’s blog, not sure how it happened but I do recall not only her beautiful photography but her eloquent words as well. This is one very well traveled woman – who has no fear (maybe a little). After commenting a couple of times on her posts I found out that she had been to Russia and destinations that I haven’t yet been able to visit. I was very excited when she agreed to doing a guest post here on Life in Russia. You can visit them here and here.  I also love her tagline. The following is from her “About Me”. I hope you take the time to visit her blog.

I travel therefore I am

Hi! I am Svetlana, a cloud gypsy, a maverickbird. Thank you for visiting my blog. A mother, writer, traveler, foodie, a doctorate degree holder in English literature and an animal lover, I am a Super girl from India. An ex flight attendant, I have been born with wings and having explored more than 35 countries as a solo woman traveler, I have morphed into a living, breathing travel expert……………visit her about me page here.