We Are Not Alone

A few weeks ago, I spent a considerable amount of time with relatives of mine who live around the world. Among the masses of our tribe, I caught up with an Israeli man living in Manila and a Russian woman now residing in Italy. Others were living in countries far from those of their birth. … More We Are Not Alone

Mirror Reflections – Slovakia & Russia

Thoughts about Slovakian Castles You can see Šariš Castle sitting atop an almost volcanic looking flat-topped mountain from miles away. From a distance, the silhouette of the castle perched above Veľký Šariš was none too impressive. However, after hiking an hour or so from the village center, up a path winding around the mountain, it … More Mirror Reflections – Slovakia & Russia

So you want to know a little about Russians? Part I

1: Russians distrust anything cheap. (no wal-marts in Russia) 2: The English word “bargain” can not be adequately translated into Russian. 3: Although Russians distrust anything with a cheap price, they are fine with freebies. (Americans too)     4: A Russian who reaches high levels of power feels it his his/her duty to put … More So you want to know a little about Russians? Part I

Hello world!

Struggling with a New Language Hello Everybody, I’ve started this blog to let everyone know what we are doing while we are in Russia. It is my hope to share with you our experiences, travels, hopes, dreams, hardships, and life in general here. I’ve been here in Russia know for the last several months getting … More Hello world!