Ken Thinks Aloud



Have you ever meet someone and knew right away you liked them? When I stumbled on Ken’s blog and started reading I knew I liked this guy. His words rang true in my book, no hidden agendas or bias that I could see. It was refreshing, when I first meet him he was still living in Bangladesh. In my book he was living on the edge, but in his posts I could tell he felt perfectly comfortable in the environment. Now he’s back in jolly old England where he’s from……….but honestly think Bangladesh is in his heart. Regardless he writes with passion and conviction which I love. You can find both of his post that he did for “Life in Russia” here and here.

About Ken

I am a teacher and writer who, until recently, was living in Bangladesh with my family. We have lived here since 2008 but have been visiting for longer than that. In some ways, my heart has been here all my life only I didn’t know it.

I was born in Wigan, raised in Leicestershire and did my degree in Cambridge where I met my wife. We lived there for 8 years before moving to Cumbria where I was deputy head of the Music department in a local school for 8 years. Read more here.

Don’t to forget to visit his blog here.