Some things that Russians love and hate


Russia is a free nation.

Here we despise all the rules

 Stopping for a red light is for only when others are around.

  Drivers scorn pedestrians, so stepping off the curb is done at your own risk.

bear at dump3

• It’s cool to do nothing and to just lie on the sofa thinking about how great you are.

Really, Russia is such an amazing country

and we have given the world so much, that we can rest a bit.


• We believe in magnetism. The thing is, that every so often the sun sends some electro-magnetic signals and this affects the course of events on the earth, including our mood and feelings. So, if you see two men discussing how bad their day went while playing a game of chess it’s because of the electro-magnetic storm that happened in the afternoon – don’t think they are adepts of some sort of new age philosophy, it’s completely normal here.



Russians are weird.

We think that a sudden change from communism to capitalism has something to do with it,

but this topic deserves a more thorough exploration.

The only smart explanation that can be proposed here

is that some of us jumped too deep into capitalist world,

while some stayed too far behind.


Yes, we are superstitious.

And if you want to shake our hand, you can never ever do it through the door:

you have to come in, otherwise we will quarrel.

If you come back to your house just after you left – look at the mirror, it’s for your own good.

If you’re sitting at the corner of the table, you won’t be married for 7 years.

If a fork falls, a woman is going to come,

if a knife falls, a man will certainly appear.


Smoking is a national sport,

but many people understand it’s not good for health

and will always agree to turn off their cigarette if it bothers you.
Many people have a positive attitude towards healthy lifestyle

and have a daily morning exercise routine or run in the park.

Men should be strong and assertive and women should be smart and beautiful


Beware of the babushkas (old women). They are active, pushy and very proud of themselves, so if you do something not the way they think you should’ve done, better disappear.


• Women and old women are very respected here. It’s considered polite if while being in the metro and seeing a woman or an old woman coming in and there’re no free seats, man offers her his seat.


• Some of us think that foreigners are bloody rich; so if we spot a foreigner, we try to make some money on him, because we still have this communist idea that everybody should be equal.



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