Picture of the Day – Nov. 10

Since we are on the car theme I thought I’d share a new extreme sport created in Russia. Sanity not necessary for this sport. But like most extreme sports one must be very careful. Warning: This stunt was performed by an unprofessional sportsman, death is imminent upon stopping suddenly. Related articles Introducing the extreme (jaimeeturner.wordpress.com) … More Picture of the Day – Nov. 10

Top 10 most Unusual Houses in “Russia” – (and former USSR)

Ship house, Borovoy, Russia What looks rather like Noah’s Ark is actually a ship house in Borovoy, Russia. Owner and builder Nikolay claims the idea for this 29-foot-high, 45-foot-long house came to him in a dream. He started on July 7, 2007 and constructed the three-bedroom house without any architectural drawings. Since then, it has … More Top 10 most Unusual Houses in “Russia” – (and former USSR)

The Windmill

This shot captures both the mill and windmill. I had seen several windmills in other place within Tatarstan, but this is the first I have photographed. At first I thought it a bit unusual but realized the building of these windmill could have been influenced by other cultures or maybe even the other way around. … More The Windmill