Picture of the Day – July 27

True Story So I went to this wedding last night. We all got on this bus and headed out into the woods (oops Taiga). We rode down this very bumpy dirt road having no clue where we were going. Just the week before we read in the newspaper that there was some crazy guy killing … More Picture of the Day – July 27

Picture of the Day – Nov. 10

Since we are on the car theme I thought I’d share a new extreme sport created in Russia. Sanity not necessary for this sport. But like most extreme sports one must be very careful. Warning: This stunt was performed by an unprofessional sportsman, death is imminent upon stopping suddenly. Related articles Introducing the extreme (jaimeeturner.wordpress.com) … More Picture of the Day – Nov. 10

Stay tuned

Well it’s that time again. “Life in Russia” brought to you by an American Monkey in Kazan will be on vacation for the next several weeks. This last six months has been absolutely wonderful. I never would have thought my blog would touch as many lives as it has. It has been viewed almost 14,000 … More Stay tuned