Sometimes when you find a new blog the content and writing just stand out over the crowd. Actually James found me first, then like usual I go exploring to see what the rest of the world is up to. Jamoroki is a great website about Thailand. He writes very candidly about his travels, his home, and paints a picture with words that is quite intriguing. You will find a bit of humor in his work and much more. One of the things that attracted my “one open eye” to his blog was that we both have similar thoughts about cultural barriers. Here are the posts that he did for Life in Russia here and here.



Hey, it’s great to see you on Jamoroki. Please take a couple of minutes  with me in the video posted on Youtube 13th October 2013 as a fledgling blogger of 2 months.

Ever evolving Jamoroki poses questions and brings information to readers about the need for social change in a forthright and humorous way. 

Via posts on travel experiences, memoirs and stories from places lived in or visited around the world Jamoroki attempts to raise awareness about many social issues.

Please remember to visit Jim’s blog here.