It’s Been a Very Long Time

It’s been almost 5 years since I posted on my blog, time has been ticking and life has gone by. There have been many adventures in my life since I went into my self imposed hiatus. I will soon return after figuring out all the changes that have taken place since leaving. WordPress has implemented some new tools that I need to figure out how to use.

22 thoughts on “It’s Been a Very Long Time

    1. Thanks, I will probably start posting sometime in March. But I lost all my codes, my old phone was linked to WordPress. All of it was a massive problem for a while. But now things are on the mend.

  1. 5 years …seems like a long time to be away … but then . we are two years into Covid and that has flown so I guess you can pick up where you left off … though I find WP has changed a bit too much to make posting easy. Either that or I need to refresh my memory – I was away for some time too but new edit mode presents some issues for me. Best in your comeback ☺☺

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