Picture of the day – Dec. 13

I spy with my little eyes. Actually I’m sending out thoughts of cuteness so you will feed me some of that salmon on the table. Come on you know I’m cute. I am the master you are the slave……………… come on, come on it’s time to eat. Visit: https://hague6185.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/picture-of-the-day-dec-12/   Related articles Picture of the … More Picture of the day – Dec. 13

Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

“Somebody”, told me that bears don’t roam the streets of Russia. Guess what………………….. I found one. See, look nobody is even paying attention, must be commonplace. Now I have Living proof. Okay, okay conquered that one, next thing I do……….. is find a “Yeti“. Stay tuned! Visit: https://hague6185.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/picture-of-the-day-oct-10/ Related articles From Russia with Love – … More Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

Uch Enmek Ethno-cultural Nature Park – Altai Region

This is a incredible article from a blogger that lives in the Altai region of Russia. It is a definite must read.  This is truly a sacred place with a message that will go straight to the heart. Visit: http://altaipilgrim.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/iucn-publication-sacred-natural-sites-conserving-nature-and-culture-chapter-on-uch-enmek-ethno-cultural-nature-park/

A Blogger’s Life “Saved” by Great Portland Web Design Company

  So the other day I decided to clean my computer, I performed all the things I needed to do feeling great that my computer should be running at top performance. Then with my new found energy I thought I’ll do a new post to my blog.  But, typing and clicking, and again doing the … More A Blogger’s Life “Saved” by Great Portland Web Design Company

Mirror Reflections – Finland & Russia

Life In Finland Originally started as observations about various curiosities about living in Finland in comparison to my native Canada (northern Ontario), Life in Finland touches on the humourous, the political, the maddening, the strange and so on. I hope to bring you interesting tidbits on life in Finland. It’s always a learning process and it’s been fun … More Mirror Reflections – Finland & Russia