Who’s Crazier


Who’s Crazier


Well it just seems to keep happening, I found one picture and thought it was absolutely crazy. Then I found one that matched up with the Americans. It was at this point I knew I was matching up the “Russians” against the world for the crazies. This will be a place to show the funny stuff Russians do and match them up with the crazies of other countries. I thought this would be the end of it but a reader said she knew the Jamaicans are a crazy bunch of people and could give the Russians a run for their money. I’m always looking for an opportunity have more fun on “Life in Russia” realized this could be much funnier if those of different countries could take part in the process. So anyone who thinks the people in their country are crazier please send your pictures (please include 2-3 photos). Once a winner is chosen I will recognize the blogger in the post as the contributor. Thanks for making the blog so much fun.  Contact me through my “About me” section on the left hand side of the blog.

So here they are starting from the beginning:

Americans vs Russians

Canada vs Russia

Latvians vs Russians

Germany vs Russia

Australians vs Russians

Croatians vs Russians

Ireland vs Russia

Jamaicans vs Russians

Israel vs Russia

Israelis vs Russians

Spanish vs Russians

Indians vs Russians

Coloradans vs Russians

Mexico vs Russia

Swedes or Russians

Italians vs Russians

Mexicans vs Russians



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