Medieval Swedish Sword Found in Siberia

German made, Adorned in Sweden How is it possible that a German-made 12th century blade, adorned in Sweden, reached Siberia? Buried under a tree in the Novosibirsk region, Archaeologists discovered a medieval sword. Unearthed in 1975 scientists are looking to unlocking it’s secrets with the help of European experts. It is the only weapon of … More Medieval Swedish Sword Found in Siberia

One of Russia’s Gems – “Kolomna” – Off the Beaten Path

First Edition Near the confluence of three rivers, the Oka, Moskva, and Kolomenka stands the oldest  and probably one of the most beautiful cities, Kolomna. The city itself is only 117 kilometers away from Moscow and the center point on the way to Kyazan. What draws people to this settlement is not necessarily tangible but … More One of Russia’s Gems – “Kolomna” – Off the Beaten Path

Picture of the Day

The Temple of All Religions near Kazan, Russia. For the first time, Russian sociologists have compiled an atlas of Russia’s religions. Given the current debate on relations between the church, state and society, this atlas offers a timely and valuable look into the nature of Russian worship. Visit: Visit:  

Mosque Downtown Kazan

Mosque Downtown Kazan Thought it would be fun to show some of the Mosques and Churches of Kazan, It’s amazing how different each one of them are from each other. I don’t know the names of them right now, but as I find them I will update each post, Enjoy.