Is your “Clock” broken

I’m always in awe of life. What it brings, what it doesn’t. What matters and what doesn’t. It’s like a clock with some very interesting parts, if one part is out of sync the rest  of the clock won’t work correctly. Then if this clock loses one of its teeth things get even more complicated. … More Is your “Clock” broken

Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

“Somebody”, told me that bears don’t roam the streets of Russia. Guess what………………….. I found one. See, look nobody is even paying attention, must be commonplace. Now I have Living proof. Okay, okay conquered that one, next thing I do……….. is find a “Yeti“. Stay tuned! Visit: Related articles From Russia with Love – … More Picture of the Day – Oct. 11

The Liebster Award

I’ve seen all the kinds of awards here on WordPress and have up to this point not truly understood the reasons for them. On one hand they don’t make a lot of sense to me and on the other I feel very honored for being nominated for one. I think each one of us want … More The Liebster Award

Ten things Russians want you to know about real life in Russia.

1. Underground Passages – where you cross the street without stoplights or the dangers of traffic. Most of them are lined with kiosks selling flowers, food, shoes, tickets to cultural shows, books, and other necessities. These “переходи” are especially useful during the brutal winters. Some are simple passageways, others are grand labyrinthine shopping malls. The … More Ten things Russians want you to know about real life in Russia.

The Story of Babushka

Once in a small Russian town, there lived a women called Babushka. Babushka always had work to do sweeping, polishing, dusting and cleaning. Her house was the best kept, most tidy house in the whole village. Her garden was beautiful and her cooking was wonderful. One evening she was busy dusting and cleaning, so busy … More The Story of Babushka