Transform Siberia


Transform Siberia

Back in May of 2014 I discovered “Transform Siberia”, I remember browsing through his blog amazed. I think you will be too. Here’s a little more from his “About Me” page.

In the imaginations of millions, Siberia is a dark, hard, cold place. While it is cold, some of the warmest times of my life have been spent at kitchen tables in the homes of Russian and Buryat people, drinking cup upon steaming cup of tea and sharing the stories that make up the tapestry of our lives. Siberia is a boundless region full of life, multiple cultures, fascinating history, unlimited stretches of taiga, steppe and tundra, coursing rivers and the pearl of Siberia, that vast inland sea called Baikal………….to read more, see here.

After exploring his blog, I asked him to do a guest post for me. He excepted, here’s a bit from this post.


Sacred Places of the Buryat

Traveling through the lands of ancient tribes like the Buryat, one cannot help but stumble upon sacred places. As you roam you will find quaint covered shrines in front of poker-faced benches cluttered with a weathering and eclectic mix of offerings from coins, cigarettes, and candy to cucumbers and glasses of vodka. Pointing to the stars, a cupola’d hitching post for your formerly ever-present mount, and trees bend, tied in scraps of material as if they had bundled up against the coming winter. My paradigm of Buryat sacred places has shifted dramatically from when I began encountering them fifteen years ago…………….to read more see here.

So I’d urge all my readers that enjoyed this post to venture over to his blog to learn more about Siberia. Here’s a link to his blog here.