A Tale of Two Cultures

So here’s the Question What if you grew up in a country were your chances of getting a good education was next to impossible? What would you do if the city you lived in was considered one of the worst in the world? You’re poor! You’re opportunities are limited! What would you do? Give up! … More A Tale of Two Cultures

Mirror Reflections – Kyrgyzstan & Russia

Life in Kyrgyzstan A time for reflection Posted on October 26, 2013 My overseas placement and I have had a very interesting relationship. It’s been two and a half months and in that time, I’ve gone from hating everything to loving everything.. and back again many times, sometimes finding some footing in the middle. It’s an … More Mirror Reflections – Kyrgyzstan & Russia

Buryatia Republic – Land of the “Raindeer Stones”

Buryatia Buryatia History Buryatia as one of the beautiful regions of the East Siberia strikes everyone with amazing diversity of nature organically combining grandeur and might of Baikal, boundless taiga space, deep rivers and snow-covered tops of the Sayan mountain ridges. From the ancient times different ethnic groups and Peoples inhabited the territory of the … More Buryatia Republic – Land of the “Raindeer Stones”

Uch Enmek Ethno-cultural Nature Park – Altai Region

This is a incredible article from a blogger that lives in the Altai region of Russia. It is a definite must read.  This is truly a sacred place with a message that will go straight to the heart. Visit: http://altaipilgrim.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/iucn-publication-sacred-natural-sites-conserving-nature-and-culture-chapter-on-uch-enmek-ethno-cultural-nature-park/

Mirror Reflections – Maldives & Russia

Life in the “Maldives“ One of the Maldives best underwater videographer and photographer’s Shifaz “Shivaz” Mohamed reveals the secrets of the Maldives’ underwater world.   He imparts his his experiences photographing the best dive sites in the country.   Born on a dhoni, it seems that Shivaz’s destiny as a ‘water baby’ was mapped out … More Mirror Reflections – Maldives & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Madagascar & Russia

Global importance of Madagascar‘s Lemurs According to Russell Mittermeier in The Eighth Continent although Madagascar is only one of 92 countries with wild primates populations, it is alone responsible for 21 percent (14 of 65) of all primate genera and 36 percent (5 of 14) of all primate families, making it the single highest priority … More Mirror Reflections – Madagascar & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Philippines & Russia

In the Philippines Fantasy World Philippines is a family entertainment facility, theme amusement and recreation club park. It is located on top of the soft rolling mountain ridge overlooking the clear panoramic views of Taal Lake and Volcano. After its completion, facilities will consist of golf & country club, hotel, condotels and residential houses. The … More Mirror Reflections – Philippines & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Norway & Russia

In Norway 15,000 square kilometres of this dramatic landscape were formed during the Ice Age. The terrain rises evenly from the beautiful fjords to almost 2,000 metres above sea level – from coniferous to deciduous forest and through the Hallingdal Valley with Hemsedal and Geilo. The region is flat in the southwest and hilly in the north before … More Mirror Reflections – Norway & Russia