Healing Pilgrim


Healing Pilgrim

Each blogger I meet brings a new dimension to how I see the world. Meeting Amit definitely brought one of those moments. When I read her about me page I understood she was on a path that I wanted to take, we all have invisble scars, things that could hold us back, but she chose not to let this happen to her. She continued on, on an adventure that many of us would like to pursue. Her stories are lively, with bits of humor, sometimes edgy but always entertaining. The guest post she did on Life in Russia is a thought provoker, you can read it here.

Hello, bonjour, buenos dias, здравствуйте, नमस्ते& שָׁלוֹם. My name is Amit.

For just over a year, I ambled around Asia and explored Europe. I moved around a lot; atop camels, horses, buffalo and trucks piled high with crates and animals; on boats gliding through waterways nestled in between karst limestone; on trains, planes and rickety automobiles. I witnessed beauty, tasted a massive variety of local delicacies and encountered such breadth of humanity that I could not have imagined in my mind’s eye…………..Read more here.

The following post is about her travels to Russia.

The St. Petersburg Phenomenon

img_3201Six years ago, right about this time of year, buffeted by wind and approaching rain, I shivered in the cold while waiting in a queue outside St. Petersburg’s renowned State Hermitage Museum. Unlike most visitors, who checked their coats and bags in the cloakroom, I piled my gear into my backpack, then bypassed the people milling about in the large entrance foyer and made a beeline for the galleries.

Like a kid entering a gigantesque candy store, I was bowled over by the visual feast that greeted me; the sheer immensity, grandeur and lush colors were cotton candy to my eyes. The exquisite silence that echoed in each room, hanging in the folds of heavy window drapes, gave me a taste of what it might have been like to live inside these quarters centuries ago. Even the elderly docent, her purple-tinted hair coiffed just so, tip-toed beside me, as if wary of making a sound………….Read more here.