Tube lights rocket Heading

Ok ……… the jokes on you Europe!

Well, and the Propagandized fearful American public!

The Europeans rushed stumbling over each other to put sanctions on Russia for the downing of Malaysian Flight #17 over the Ukraine because the United States said, ‘THE RUSSIANS DID IT!”

And even though there has been no proof that the Russians did it except that John Kerry said so, well the Europeans rushed to follow the Americans orders to place sanctions on Russia. 

Now the Russians presented their satellite captured information which showed that Russia wasn’t involved.

But ……… how can you trust a Russian.

The U.S. refused to provide their satellite information which is some of the best in the world because ……..? Well, maybe because it doesn’t show that Russia was involved or maybe because John Kerry is so tall that his view “that Russia did it” is as good as a satellite…

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10 thoughts on “ALL RUSSIA TO THE ROCKET!

    1. Every first thing read here is false. It was not an illegal annexation. It was done under a referendum enacted by the people of Crimea. If I can punch holes in your comment this quickly I suspect you don’t do any real homework or research. I may live in Russia but it doesn’t mean I don’t investigate thing thoroughly. Check out both sides before you make your claims.

      1. One more thing Steve, very important one: The referendum took place in conditions of the illegal armed coup and in condtions of the anarchy (GovernmentLESS), created NOT by Russians. Moreover, if that wsn’t done American and Europenian politacal establismnet 100% would stimulate much more harder and cruel mess in Crimea than we saw in the East Ukraine for obvious reasons (CRIMEA is very strategic place for NATO scum).

      2. Agreed, the rhetoric on Crimea has been so twisted it’s not even funny. What’s funny is how gullible Americans and Europeans are about the whole subject.

    2. It is true that the U.S. and the EU started the sanctions against Russia prior to the downing of MH-17 but Europe was waining a bit due the the economic reverberations on their own economies when the U.S. demanded a third round of sanctions.

      It was then that MH-17 was downed on July 17, 2014 and that provided the push needed to get the EU back on board and on July 31, 2014 the EU introduced the third round of sanctions.

      And don’t forget that the citizens of Crimea VOTED to rejoin Russia. Something that the U.S. and the EU don’t want to recognize because they didn’t win that vote!

      Not to mention the U.S. involvement in the overthrow of an existing government in the Ukraine.

      However Softwerker your reliance on the information from the “European Union Newsroom” is rather weak ……. you’d get the same information from the U.S. CIA much more directly.

      They actually may be one and the same.

      1. This is exactly why I check sources both western media and eastern media and try to find a balance between the two, using the God given brain that I have. It’s harder to be manipulated that way. The west has it’s agenda as well as Russia. The reason I agree with Russian sources is because they are much closer to the truth. Gullibility comes when we don’t examine all the evidence searching for the truth.

      2. Tubularsock, you abs. right. In order to thank you i want to share something tasty :).

        I know that you don’t know russian, but in this video even without knowing russian you can find a lot of interesting things regarding FAGs Propaganda, Side by Side (Bok-o-Bok) LGBT International Film Festival, “russian” oppostion party Yabloko, some “social” funds … and what is the most interesting – official sponsors of all that:

        Enjoy 😉

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