One of Tatarstan’s Legendary Philanthropists Passes


 Photo by: Ilnar Tukhbatov

Legendary Philanthropist – Asgat Galimzianov

Kazan, 4 January, Source: Tatar-inform

The public of Tatarstan have suffered a great loss. On the evening of 3 January 2016, Asgat Galimzianov, a legendary philanthropist who understood life as doing good deeds, passed away.

Asgat Galimzianov was born on 2 March 1936 in the village of Bulkhin Bulikhchi in the then Tatar Autonomous Republic’s Apastovo region. On receiving an 8-year-education graduation certificate, he began to work at a collective farm. Later, on serving four years in the army, he moved to Kazan and got a job as a driver at a market. Simultaneously, he worked hard as a part-time farmer, his line of business being livestock production. What money he earned he spent on charity, only keeping enough to make a living.

People whom he had helped financially are numerous, the list including older people, orphans and people in need. Asgat Galimzianov gave about 75 autos to orphanages and schools.

In his native village, he, at his expense, restored a dried out lake, built a kindergarten, bought a school bus and helped to construct a mosque and roads.

Owing to his good deeds, Asgat Galimzianov became famous far beyond the Tatarstan borders, regularly helping orphanages in Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Ivanov region and Ukraine. He was not left untouched by the fate of compatriots affected by tragic events: radiation poisoning in Chernobyl, earthquake in Armenia, landslide in Georgia, death of Kursk submarine personnel, and South Ossetia hostage crisis. He helped as he could the people who suffered in the disasters.

“I live to do good,” Asgat Galimzianov would say. Owing to his good deeds, he was the inspiration behind the monument to a benefactor in downtown Kazan, erected in 2008.

Asgat Galimzianov was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labour, For Services to Republic of Tatarstan, medal In Memory of 100th Anniversary of Kazan, as well as Republic of Tatarstan certificate of honour. He is a distinguished member of an Orphan Aide Foundation, and winner of a rare international award, the Lev Tolstoi Gold Medal.

“A glowing memory of the man who was a living embodiment of the word “kindness” will remain in our hearts forever,” reads the obituary signed by Rustam Minnikhanov, Mintimer Shaimiev, Farid Mukhametshin, and others.

10 thoughts on “One of Tatarstan’s Legendary Philanthropists Passes

  1. Thank you for introducing me to this man….a life well lived indeed. Your header image is so beautifully Russian – It reminds me of some of the amazing photography in the BBC production of War and Peace which I have been devouring….What an extraordinary country Russia is.
    Thank you Janet. 🙂

      1. Btw, just few days ago i watched this BBC production of War and Peace. Well it is very demonstrative\model about the mentality difference regarding how Brits filmed this Tolstoy’s work. If one ever read the origianl of War and Peace by Tolstoy then he will found this BBC movie ABSOLUTELY .. i’m repeating ABSOLUTELY plastic, plane\flat, empty in matter of heros, their characters, their e,otions and internal world – actuallu the essence Tolstoy’s work.
        The BBC War and Pece valuable only for stunning pictures, dresses, scenery and nothing more…. oh.. well also b\c of sexy Gillian Anderson in pretty specfic outlook. He-he 🙂

        And this situation is pretty interesting, b\c everyone can make good movie, not very good or bad one. Some may lack good acting, some budget, some script, some scenery etc…
        But here in this BBC movie everything is absolutely fine except the essence Tolstoy’s work- the internal world, souls and emotions of characters.
        And such siuation shows that problem \ bug of the BBC War and Peace is not in filming or in BBC… the problem \ bug is in feeling and understanding.

  2. The people doing good go almost unnoticed, and, unfortunately, the bad men get the media coverage. I might watch news if they supplied stories like this, instead of giving the horrible ones the recognition they crave.

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