Russians use the same word to say “get healthier” and “get fatter.”

The word “поправиться” means both
“to get healthier” (or “to recover”)
and “to get fatter.”



8 thoughts on “Russians use the same word to say “get healthier” and “get fatter.”

  1. Aha! This is where we see Russia truly being Asian! This is a common theme running in Asian countries. For a long time my wife used to get upset because each day she’d go to work at our NGO in Bangladesh and her staff – who she considered good friends – would constantly greet her with saying how fat she was looking. She was mortified and close to being genuinely upset when we found out that to be fat means you are eating and in a country where getting a proper meal each day is NOT a given that means you are healthy. Her friends were telling her she was looking good each morning – but doing it the bangla way!

    1. Interesting, it seems every time I turn around I’m learning something new about eastern culture here. Some of it I understand, some I don’t. But to live in a country that has one foot in Asia and the other in Europe is certainly never boring as I’m sure living in Bangladesh wasn’t either. By the way did the young lady get to come to England from there? If she did it would be awesome to do a follow up post, if you are interested?

      1. I will let you know when that chapter concludes – she’s not here yet thanks to her visa being refused but it is now being looked at again by the Home office. Unfortunately we’re living in a world where UKIP holds great influence. The Far Right are finally winning in the UK and Europe and it is frightening to see. However, we’re not yet building concentration camps here so we’re still holding out hope Ria’s visa will finally be approved.

      2. This is happening in America as well. The ultra conservatives are running things which I believe will be good in the end. The problem will be cleaning up the messes from its current childish president. When you say the far right does it mean conservatives or liberals. In Russia the far left means the far right in America. When I understood this I was shocked how opposite they are. But setting that apart would love to know when she finally does get it.

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