Russian Humor Starts Here – Welcoming in 2015


Tell a joke to a German, and he will not understand it.
Tell a joke to an Englishman, and he will understand it, but won’t show it.
Tell a joke to a Japanese, and he will understand it his own way.
Tell a joke to a Russian, and he will tell you that he knows
three more versions of that joke that are much better.

Russian humor is extremely pervasive. Almost every print publication will have at least a few jokes in it, up to and including the TV guide. They say that while in most countries, The Internet Is for Porn, in Russia, the Internet Is For Jokes. Russian humor comes mostly in the form of “anecdotes” (anekdoty) – joke stories with a punchline. Typical of Russian joke culture is a series of categories with fixed and highly familiar settings and characters. Surprising effects are achieved by an endless variety of plots and plays on words.

It’s a whole new year, with a whole bunch of new posts coming.

Get ready for some fun.


6 thoughts on “Russian Humor Starts Here – Welcoming in 2015

  1. Dear Steve,

    I totally agree with your point here. As I mentioned before, we used to get quite a number of Russian magazines in India(In English) before the collapse of Soviet Union.

    Now a days, not just my daughter, but the whole family just loves “Masha and the Bear”, the animation series 🙂

    I feel so sorry that, I am not been able to catch up with all the interesting and diverse stories from Russia, here…

    Hope you had a great beginning to the new year, and have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. I’ve gotta love people who love a good joke. Certain Persians I know must be secret Russians, because If you tell them one joke, they respond with three or four in return.

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