1934 Soviet Topedo Loading station in Kaspiysk, Russia


This naval armament testing station is located near Kaspiysk, a city in Russia, 18 kilometerssoutheast of Makhachkala the capital of the Republic of Dagestan. It is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.

The station was commissioned in 1939, and is located 2.7 km away from the shore. It can be seen that it’s been out of use for a long time. Heavy waves from the Caspian sea have heavily damaged what is left of the structure. The watch tower of the station stands 42 m above sea level and, in stormy weather, foamy waves can easily reach its top.

The entire underwater part of the gigantic construction, called “Massive”, was built on the shore in the foundation pit with a capacity of 530,000 cubic meters. Sometimes they even dug by hand, but more often dredgers were used.


On the bottom of the foundation pit a huge ferro-concrete “box” was built, measuring 14 meters high. Next, the plate separating the pit from the sea was destroyed and the surfaced “box” was dragged to the building site of the station. There, in 1935, the “box” was filled with water and placed on the specially site, which was made of quarry stone. Thereafter construction of the station was done in a usual way, with people and materials being delivered by ships.

2 thoughts on “1934 Soviet Topedo Loading station in Kaspiysk, Russia

    1. Alex, What’s interesting is that I found a few picture of the insides but when trying to find any and I mean any information about the place I came up empty. Probably due to the fact that my Russian is still quite weak. If I find more information down the road I will certainly do another post.

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