Mirror Reflections – Yemen & Abkhazia (Former USSR)

Shahara Bridge

“Bridging” Life in Yemen

Shahara famous for the Bridge of Sighs which is even featured on the country’s 10 Rial coin. This engineering marvel spans a sheer 300 foot deep canyon. Built in the early 17th Century, this famous bridge has stood the test of time. From both sides of the bridge the mountains parted and revealed a glimpse of the enormous valley. The bridge must be crossed in order to access the mountain fortress town of Shahara and its beautiful terraced fields.

Visit: http://ritemail.blogspot.ru/2012/12/bridge-to-shikhar-shahara-bridge.html


“Bridging” Life in Abkhazia (Former USSR)

The Besleti Bridge also known as the Queen Tamar Bridge is a medieval arched stone bridge at Sukhumi, Georgia’s breakaway republic of Abkhazia. Located some 6 km from the city center, the bridge spans the small mountain River Besletka, and dates back to the late 12th century. Thirty-five meters in overall length (the arch itself is 13.3 m) and eight meters high, this single-arch bridge is one of the most illustrative examples of the medieval bridge design popular during the reign of Tamar of Georgia (r. 1184-1213) who is traditionally credited to have commissioned the construction of the Beslet bridge. A contemporary inscription in the early Georgian asomtavruli alphabet read……

Visit: http://unusualplaces.org/besleti-bridge/#more-948

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