Mirror Reflections – Yemen & Abkhazia (Former USSR)

“Bridging” Life in Yemen Shahara famous for the Bridge of Sighs which is even featured on the country’s 10 Rial coin. This engineering marvel spans a sheer 300 foot deep canyon. Built in the early 17th Century, this famous bridge has stood the test of time. From both sides of the bridge the mountains parted … More Mirror Reflections – Yemen & Abkhazia (Former USSR)

Mirror Reflections – United Arab Emirates & Russia

Life in United Arab Emirates Last week the Emirates celebrated their 42nd National Day! Like last year the whole country went all out – decorations, fireworks, and the biggest UAE flags you’ve ever seen! The best part is all the people that go crazy decorating their car with national day things. The Rands posted a … More Mirror Reflections – United Arab Emirates & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Qatar & Russia

Here’s a short list of things to love about Qatar. Everyone calls you ‘Dear’ or ‘Habbibi’ Happy Qatar National Day everyone! To celebrate this auspicious occasion I have compiled a list of some of the things to love about this lovely little boiling hot country. Everyone calls you ‘Dear’ or ‘Habbibi’ You get to fly Qatar Airways … More Mirror Reflections – Qatar & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Oman & Russia

Oman They usually hit the headlines for swallowing cars, houses and occasionally whole streets. But this particular sinkhole in Oman is so stunning it has been turned into a tourist attraction. The beautiful limestone hollow, in Bimmah, boasts the kind of clear waters normally only seen on holiday postcards. While similar holes engulf residential streets … More Mirror Reflections – Oman & Russia