Mirror Reflections – Guadeloupe & Eastern Russia

la pointe des chateaux 001

Life in Guadeloupe

Who is the Girl in Guadeloupe?

It’s a valid question, and my new life in Guadeloupe has me asking the same question as the days go by. Love can bring you many things and in my case it brought me an island, a sudden family with two kids, and the French language. I’m learning about all three. Sometimes it’s frustrating, sad, and lonely. Sometimes it’s fantastically entertaining, dreamy, and surreal. Overall it’s just life, and blogging gives me an outlet with which to talk about it. I find myself feeling very vain writing this blog like anyone wants to know this stuff, but maybe it will amuse someone.

Visit: http://girlinguadeloupe.wordpress.com/


Life in Kamchatka

I found a photo essay of bears in Kamchatka, think this is one blog that everyone will enjoy. Have a look.



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