Seasons of my heart

walking-in-fog-0304-lgAs the cold winters wind blows over the land

Warmth flows through my heart for the one I hold dear

Though I may not be able to touch her with my hand

My spirit testifies that she is ever so very near

With every pause and silent moment we share together

Work, sacrifice, and toil, while my mind looks yonder

In the end it is for the best, decisions hard one bring the

greatest pleasure

Things of this world will pass, but being close to you will

I only grow more fonder

 Of wishes, thoughts and prayers my deepest desire is to be there

Under the same moon, stars, and heaven God set to be in it’s placeColorful-Spring-Garden-With-Clean-Lake-805x586

The twinkling of eyes, the capture of a smile is the love of the truest affair

When God is the center of our love, time and distance have no space

Then the gentlest of spring winds blow over the awakening land

Joyfully the earth brings forth sleeping flowers with a exciting new smells

Melting snows make a wilderness bloom and red poppies cover sand

When life storms come, there is always a lighthouse to guide you.
When life storms come, there is always a lighthouse to guide you.

Even hearts of stone get soft, people smile, birds chirp like tiny bells

As tiny streams turn into mighty rivers and rivers flow into the vast ocean

So do small steps of faith change into godly dreams, which set the world on fire
It the love that we have for one another that set these movements of God in motion
It is my passion for God, my love for you, that creates this burning desire


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