Sunrise to Sunset – Vladivostok and Maine

Sunrise to Sunset Second Edition Amursky Bay in Vladivostok, Russia The Chinese name of Vladivostok is “Haishenwei”. In Japanese, the name of the city is “Urajiosutoku”. 1. In 1912, Vladivostok was the first city in the Asian part of Russia where trams appeared. 2. The most famous bay of Vladivostok, Golden Horn, has the same … More Sunrise to Sunset – Vladivostok and Maine

How many time zones are there in Russia?

There are 9 time zones in Russia Up until 2010 there were 11 time zones in Russia, the decision was made to drop two of them. Here’s a sunset from the zones starting from Magadan and finishing in Kaliningrad Magadan, Russia Vladivostok, Russia Yakutsk, Russia Irkutsk, Russia Krasnoyarsk, Russia Omsk, Russia Ekaterinburg, Russia Moscow, Russia … More How many time zones are there in Russia?

Russian Twin Pyramids?

The Russian city of Vladivostok harboured the main naval base of the Soviet Pacific Fleet, which meant that the city was closed to foreigners during the Soviet years. Its military status meant that it was an ideal location for the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks in November 1974 between Leonid Brezhnev and Gerald Ford, one of … More Russian Twin Pyramids?