“Arkaim” – One of the Aryan Cities

Arkaim: (Prehistoric CitadelCulture). In 1952 satellites photographed several unusual circles in the Southern Urals steppe. It was obvious that those circles were made by humans. At that time no one could explain the origin of these circles, it was a mystery. Twenty of the spiral-shaped settlements, believed to be the original home of the Aryan … More “Arkaim” – One of the Aryan Cities

“Dashka stone” reveals – Pre Global Flood – Civilization

There has always been a question that has plagued modern society. If there truly was a global flood shouldn’t there be traces of the civilization/civilizations that occurred before this event? Can a civilization, so very old, disappear without a single trace?  Surprisingly if one does a bit of research on the internet there is mounting … More “Dashka stone” reveals – Pre Global Flood – Civilization