Mirror Reflections – Belarus & Russia

Life in Belarus The Potato Eaters Belarusians adore potatoes – particularly served as draniki. In fact, they eat so many spuds (around 170kg per person annually) that their neighbours have nicknamed them Bulbashi: potato-eaters. Potatoes are such a staple that it’s hard to imagine any meal without them. According to the UN Food and Agriculture … More Mirror Reflections – Belarus & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Turkey & Russia

Cappadocia, Turkey Balloon Tours, the symbol of Cappadocia, are the most convenient way to see the unmatched beauties of the region. ShoeString will organise your balloon tour with a flight time duration of around one and a half hours and you’ll get to see the farthest points of Cappadocian civilization inaccessible by road.Balloon tours operate … More Mirror Reflections – Turkey & Russia