A Place in the World

Growing up as an expat I have always been interested in other cultures, mores and languages. Comme diraient les Français “Vive la difference.” So it was natural for me to be attracted to literature of this nature and to use such themes in my own writing. Life in Russia: You grew up in a number of … More A Place in the World

Mirror Reflections – Suriname & Russia

Photo by R. Butler Shamanism in Suriname MEDICINAL PLANTS Plants have broader uses than as just food and a genetic reservoir. Increasingly, rainforest plants, and to a lesser extent rainforest animals, are the source of compounds useful for medicinal purposes. The rainforest has been called the ultimate chemical laboratory with each rainforest species experimenting with … More Mirror Reflections – Suriname & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Paraguay & Russia

“Wild” Life in Paraguay The Gran Chaco is the largest dry forest in South America and the continent’s most extensive forested region after Amazonia. Spanning close to 400,000 square miles, it extends across parts of Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil, where it connects with the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland. Gran Chaco contains three distinct subregions with … More Mirror Reflections – Paraguay & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Ecuador & Russia

In Ecuador The Shuar people are an indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru. They are members of the Jivaroan peoples, who are Amazonian tribes living at the headwaters of the Marañón River. Shuar, in the Shuar language, means “people.” The people who speak the Shuar language live in tropical rainforest between the upper mountains of … More Mirror Reflections – Ecuador & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Grenada & Russia

St. George, Grenada St. George’s is the capital of Grenada, a small (approx. 110,000 people) island nation in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. I spent some time in the downtown part of St. George’s yesterday for the first time on my holiday visit to Grenada and the first time in a bit over a year. New development has occurred in the … More Mirror Reflections – Grenada & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Brazil & Russia

The disappearance of large, fruit-eating birds from tropical forests in Brazil has caused the region’s forest palms to produce smaller, less successful seeds over the past century, researchers say. The findings provide evidence that human activity can trigger fast-paced evolutionary changes in natural populations………. visit: http://www.plant-talk.org/princes-rainforest-project.htm visit: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/05/130530141957.htm The Tiaga biome is a type of … More Mirror Reflections – Brazil & Russia

MIrror Reflections – Chile & Russia

Marble Caves are the most famous attraction of Patagonia (Chile). This Caves attract a lot of tourists from the different corners of the globe. The labyrinths created in marble nature impress the senses. Illuminated by a sunlight penetrating some places, carved marble arches are a truly unforgettable sight. The glare of the reflected light in the … More MIrror Reflections – Chile & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Columbia & Russia

Las Lajas Sanctuary is a minor basilica built inside the canyon of the Guaitara River. Completed in 1949, it was designed using the Gothic revival style of architecture. The supposed apparition of the Virgin Mary to a deaf-mute, who suddenly was able to speak after seeing a silhouette while illuminated by lightning, inspired the building … More Mirror Reflections – Columbia & Russia