Humility It will not be your vote nor mine That will save America this time What She truly lacks Is what America needs to take it back Morals, values, and humility should be at hand If America really wants to take back it’s land

Weddings, Winters, and Whoa’s – Big Dowries for Beautiful Daughters

Learning Lessons about Life Okay, okay so it wasn’t quite like this, but we will find out soon enough the state and condition of our step-daughter. But first let me back up a bit, last summer we decided it was time she began to live on her own. While we were in the countryside it … More Weddings, Winters, and Whoa’s – Big Dowries for Beautiful Daughters

Mirror Reflections – São Tomé and Príncipe & Russia

Life in São Tomé and Príncipe Introduction of co-operative cocoa production Acting upon a request from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the French organic chocolate corporation Kaoka undertook an audit of the country’s cocoa industry around the turn of the millennium. The audit came back with promising feedback determining that “the rich genetic … More Mirror Reflections – São Tomé and Príncipe & Russia

Mirror Reflections – Papua New Guinea & Russia

Life in Papua New Guinea A CALL TO SUPPORT CULTURE CONCERN Every Papua New Guinea community has a traditional culture which is usually very unique to each other. We have about 840 different languages and our traditional cultures are almost the same number. These traditional cultures are part of our Melanesian way of life style … More Mirror Reflections – Papua New Guinea & Russia

A Place in the World

Growing up as an expat I have always been interested in other cultures, mores and languages. Comme diraient les Français “Vive la difference.” So it was natural for me to be attracted to literature of this nature and to use such themes in my own writing. Life in Russia: You grew up in a number of … More A Place in the World

Mirror Reflections – Seychelle Islands & Russia

Life in Seychelles Answering questions on life in Seychelles I’ve recently been contacted by a couple seriously considering a move to Seychelles, as this to them seems like the paradise they’ve been looking for. In trying to answer questions in all honesty and convey the true essence of life here … or at least the true … More Mirror Reflections – Seychelle Islands & Russia