A Little Russian

Dispatches from the Asylum

“Truly there would be a reason to go mad were it not for music,” – P. I. Tchaikovsky

It was from the Austrian-born composer that some may have heard of, W.A. Mozart, whom we owe a debt of gratitude for Tchaikovsky’s dedication to his art.  At 14 years of age, upon hearing Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Tchaikovsky decided to devote his life to the study of tchaikovsky2music.  And thank the music gods that he heard Mozart’s dark, turbulent and fantastic “Giovanni”.  If not, he might have ended up continuing with his studies at the military boarding school he was attending after the death of his mother.

Tchaikovsky was especially  affected by his country’s folk music, in particular the music from the Ukraine.  He used folk music themes throughout much of his work, but none more so than in his second symphony, the “Little Russian” symphony.  The Ukraine use to be known as…

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