Une journée ordinaire dans une province Sibérienne

This is everyday life in Mogoïtouï that’s in the Trans-Baikal region.

Dans mes valenkis

Depuis Tchita, capitale de la région de Transbaïkalie, je me suis rendue dans la ville de Mogoïtouï où est née mon amie Nadia et où son mariage avait lieu le 22 Juillet 2016.

On m’avait prévenue que la campagne russe campagne russe n’avait pas grand-chose en commun  avec la « campagne » française.

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8 thoughts on “Une journée ordinaire dans une province Sibérienne

    1. Sure, I like sharing everything Russian doesn’t matter if it’s in another language, I’ve got a translator tool on my blog that helps if they need it. Are you still in Russia?

  1. Yes I am, I’ve been living in Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk) for almost 2 years and a half, and I just started my PhD. So many years ahead ) What about you?

    1. That’s fantastic, I’ve been living in Kazan for the last 5 years with my wife. I haven’t been to Siberia yet, but would love to visit. I teach here at KAI which is one of our the universities in Kazan. Sounds like you have been visiting quite a few cities in Siberia.

      1. Yes I did, but actually Siberia is so big, I have only been in a few big cities and this countryside….I was in Kazan 2 years ago, I felt like being in another country, Siberia is really different. Are you teaching English there or technical courses?

      2. I am teaching Cambridge English to younger students, university students, plus businesses as well. I do this along with being a Independent Literary Agent. I just got my first author published here in Russia recently as well. I really love what I do. I’ve got a question for you, would you be interested in doing a guest post for “Life in Russia”, I’ve been looking for someone in Siberia who will share what is happening there. Our readership has grown to of over 10,000 unique readers each month and continues to grow. The blog itself has reached every country in the world except North Korea and China. I’d give you free rein to write what you desire a long as it’s not politically oriented. Interested?

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