British and French forces decide to intervene to save besieged city

Midt i fleisen


By Terje M

London, December 5,1864

Yesterday, an obviously emotional British foreign minister declared that a coalition of concerned world powers have decided to intervene in the American Civil War. The intervention is a dramatic new development in this war, which has lasted almost four years. It was the regime’s considerable progress in the siege of Richmond, Virginia, that made the international coalition decide to act.

‘The coalition of the willing’, created by prime minister Lord Palmerston, intends to establish a no-gunboat-zone along the seaboard and on the major rivers of the ‘Confederation’. These plans have long been on the drawing board, but the final decision was not made, due to its unpopularity in British public opinion.

In addition, the regime in Washington received assistance from Russia, the only great power that showed any support for it. Tsar Alexander II of Russia sent a fleet last year to…

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3 thoughts on “British and French forces decide to intervene to save besieged city

    1. No, this is accurate as far as I know. Did a similar post quite awhile ago. Russia during this time was a tremendous support to Lincoln. The part about the British and French I’d need to verify.

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