High Speed Railway between Kazan and Moscow – Coming at High Speed


German Consortium will Finance 2.7 Billion Euros

German consortium has put forward a proposal to Russian Railways that it will finance the Moscow-Kazan high speed railway for the sum of 2.7 bln euros and attract up to 800 mln euros, First Vice-President of Russian railways Alexander Misharin told reporters.

“It concerns 2.7 bln euros, plus 800 mln euros,” he said.


German consortium includes

Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn and other companies

A representative of the High-Speed Rail Lines company (a subsidiary of Russian Railways that acts as a client for the design of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail section), the consortium held consultations with the German government, the Euler Hermes export insurance agency and German banks. As a result, the consortium sees an opportunity to organize the project financing worth 2.7 bln euros. In addition, it is possible that the German partners and other competent international institutional investors may provide investment guarantee of Germany to ensure direct investments in the amount of up to 800 mln euros, the representative said.

The German Initiative consortium includes Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank and other companies.

mapThe total cost of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway line is estimated at 1.068 trillion rubles ($16.8 billion). The Moscow-Kazan section may later be extended to China, connecting the two countries across Kazakhstan. According to the Russian Railways, the length of Moscow-Beijing railroad will be 7769 km, travel time – 32.8 hours (four times faster compared to current 130.4 hours). The average annual passenger traffic is estimated at 195 million people.

The Moscow-Kazan High Speed Railway’s total length will stand at around 770 kilometers. Trains may go at a speed of 350-400 kilometers per hour, and the time en route between the two cities could be 3-3.5 hours against the current 14 hours

9 thoughts on “High Speed Railway between Kazan and Moscow – Coming at High Speed

    1. It’s actually very exciting, I have a venture that I’m working on for this next year. I’m planning to circumnavigate the globe primarily by railway where I can and only use air flight to cross both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The plan is to try to accomplish this within 30 days which by my calculations is possible, the harder part is doing it within the budget that I’m allowing. The main idea is to share the experience with my readers that it can be done and second that it can be done economically. What do you think?

  1. The new trains may go at a speed of 350-400 kilometers per hour, and the time over the 770 ks between the two cities (Moscow and Kazan) could be 3-3.5 hours. Now if a person is a tourist, slowly seeing the sights, the current 14 hours might be perfectly acceptable. But if a person is short on time and needs to conclude business or family events quickly, the 3 hours will be brilliant.

    It should be a great success.

    1. Most of the trains travel at night and arrive early in the morning. This way, if you can sleep on a train the trip isn’t that bad. The high speed trains will be a boom for business, plus if I understand it correctly they plan to be transporting manufactured goods on separate trains for commerce.

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